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Everlasting Flowers: How to Keep Them Beautiful

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Enjoy the beauty of the gardens all year long with flowers that have been naturally air dried. We chose varieties that hold their shape and color through the process of hanging in the garage or barn for weeks. Then we turn them into wreaths and bouquets. Visit our online store for the best the season offers.

Dried flowers have three enemies: humidity, light and friction. Flowers exposed to these elements can become limp, brown, moldy or shatter. Where you chose to display or store your bouquet or wreath dictates how long it will last. Here are some tips to extend the life of your flowers.

Dried wreaths do best inside. Consider the site line from your door into your house. Hang on a wall so it is the first thing visitors see when entering your home. They also look beautiful in kitchens, on dining room walls, staircases and interior doors.

Outdoor wreaths need to be hung in a sheltered place out of the elements and away from direct sunlight. It is important to consider how much that door is used as the action of opening and closing. This friction causes flower heads and stems to shatter. You can still decorate your door, but it is best if it is protected by a storm door facing north. Even better if that is not your primary entrance. Evergreen wreaths are much better choices for outside doors.

Display bouquets upright in a vase or basket. Periodically shake gently to displace dust. If needed, use a blowdryer on no heat setting to clean the flower heads and leaves. Again, keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

Store flowers out of season in a well sealed box with tissue paper, never in plastic. The location matters. Throwing them in the basement or attic invites mold growth. Too much heat causes the flower heads to shatter.

We also salvage any random blooms to make flower confetti. Perfect for a flower girl toss or to sprinkle along a table, each bag contains three cups.

Well cared for dried flowers will last at least a year. They are a beautiful way to extend the season.

Explore our dried wreaths and bouquets for your everlasting decor.

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