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Spring is Bringing So Many Opportunities!

For the last two years we have offered flower farmer training based on the needs of growers in our area. We have since received funding through the 2022 Extension Risk Management Education Competitive Grant Program proposal titled “Mitigating Risk in Cut Flower Production." So between April 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023 we will be offering workshops, conferences, retreats and hands on intensives to help foster a flourishing flower community in the region.

One of best parts of this opportunity allows Carla Crim and Betsy Busche to mentor new and established farmers for 18 months. This one on one opportunity includes a farm visit, monthly check ins, and breakout sessions at the various events. It is appropriate for anyone starting out, transitioning to a new format or someone who needs the boost of individual attention. The criteria and application are here.

We have been listening so to kick off the spring we have two round tables scheduled to talk about weddings and focal flowers! Join us for a conversation hosted by Betsy Busche of Spongetta's Garden and Carla Crim of CCE Delaware County. Funding for this event provided by the Watershed Agriculture Council.

March 24 at 7:00 pm

Many modern couples envision a fairytale dreamland of a romantic AND sustainable wedding sourced entirely with local flowers. In the real world, it is so much more complicated. Four designers and venue owners will talk about the reality of seasonality, availability, pricing and distribution.

Jess Beretz from Farmhouse Floral Design in Middleburgh

Julie Young from Floribunda Designs in Oneida

Leigh Melander from Spillian in Fleischmans

Abby Wilson from Maple Shade Farm in Delhi

March 31 at 7:00 pm

The queens of the garden rise above the rest dramatically creating an insatiable demand every season. These fragile divas are also a lot of work because of short bloom seasons, special growing conditions and finicky post harvest care. Let's get them out to customers without too much emotional damage on our end!

Lisa Dean from Floral Root in Canajoharie

Erin Cole from Little Ann's Flowers in Canajoharie

Tabitha Houle from Houle Flower Farm in Little Falls

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