Celebrate the Harvest All Year Long

As we pick, we air dry flowers and fillers in bunches in the rafters of our barn. Starting in August, they will be available as bunches, arrangements and wreaths.

At Spongetta's Garden we believe in not leaving any flower behind. Especially during wedding season! Of the thousands we cut each year, those not sold in bouquets are dried for wreaths and bouquets in the fall. What not used in those, the flower heads are cut up for loose everlasting confetti mixes. 

These whole flowers heads, fillers and petals are perfect to use as a base for potpourri, a filler for a flower girl basket or a confetti to toast the happy couple. They can also be strewn across a table for a lovely centerpiece.

These are your grandmother's dried flowers. All summer long we harvest extra blooms to bunch and hang to air dry in our barn and garage. Then we turn these into bouquets and wreaths. With proper care, they will stay bright and fresh for a year or more.

What we can't use in bouquets is cut into confetti or base for one bowl of potpourri. Also perfect for a flower girl to scatter down an aisle. Packaged in a cellophane bag. Buy it here!