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Create the Drama with DYI Flowers


You can afford fresh flowers for your party. Let us help you break it down by stem and vase to provide you just the buckets or bunches you need.

There are so many options beyond roses and eucalyptus or sunflowers and baby's breath.  We grow traditional garden flowers from spring into the fall. Make it lush with fillers that include greens, herbs and branches. Everything changes with the seasons.

We offer seasonal 10 stem bunches of focal, accent and filler flowers plus greenery options. Bunches are perfect if you have a very specific aesthetic in mind, such as mainly using pink zinnias.


For those more adventurous, you can order buckets of blooms and greenery, 40-60 stems each. Color or style specific buckets are $80 (see the first picture), grower's choice are $65 (picture below). We also have buckets of just fillers and greenery for $50 each.


After you make a reservation, we will have a conversation at least two weeks before your event to discuss specific varieties and colors. At this time you can buy a practice bucket and finalize pick up plans.


Our season for buckets of flowers is July 1 st through September 15th. Otherwise the weather does not alway cooperate. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please note that we do not offer design services, just pretty flowers.

Let's Talk Flowers!

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