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What's in the Garden...


From June into October we grow traditional garden flowers on seven plots in three counties. These field grown flowers are the ones your grandmother grew. We seek out beautiful, long stemmed varieties that thrive in upstate New York.

June showcases biennials and hardy annuals planted in the fall. Then the perennials pop out in June with peony season as the crown jewel. As July warms up the hardy annuals mix with the summer perennials and bulbs. August brings succession after succession of the tender annuals including sunflowers dahlia, zinnia, marigolds, ageratum, celosia, cosmos and amaranth.


Each week we make mixed bouquets in three sizes to deliver to stores Thursday and sell at Saturday morning at the Oneida County Public Market at Union Station in Utica.

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Our Everyday Bouquets are happy enough to fill a standard vase. Each one is made with a mix of traditional garden flowers and greenery. These bouquets are delivered to stores around Utica twice a week during the regular season.


We offer just a handful of blooms in our Posy. These are often an eclectic mix and perfect for a lavish little flower fix or to use as arrangements for a party. These are a market exclusive or by reservation.


Our Spongetta Bouquet combines the fanciest of seasonal flowers with accents and fillers found all over the farm. These are the bouquets featured in our summer flower subscription and are available at market and by special request.


Sometimes the most dramatic arrangements come from the simplest ingredients. My favorite combination is wild cosmos interspersed with stately amaranth. Buy by the Grower's Bunch when you have specific plan.


Blooms by the bucket are the perfect solution for filling vases with bright seasonal blooms. Each buckets contains 40-60 stems. We will help you work out how many stems you need to fulfill your vision.


Create drama with a specific color scheme.


Many of the flowers we grow are as beautiful dried as they are fresh. We collect bunches each week to air dry in our hay barn. Throughout the fall we turn these into wreaths, arrangements and flower crowns.

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