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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Zinnia with lambs quarter and red vine.

Zinnia with lambs quarter and red vine.

Last season we experienced one wave of challenges after another. There are several that top the list like the deer systematically trimming all of the gladiolas, the washouts and standing water, and the woodchucks topping every planting of sunflowers. But one became a strange blessing in disguise. As Rob was rototilling, ground wasps swarmed him in the middle of the compound. As each step to planting progressed, we had to plan around that spot, finally putting in late season sunflowers. We never located a hole and were not able to weed. We lost a few rows pretty things because they could not compete. The end of August, the grasses began to bloom and for the first time ever, I paid attention. So instead of mourning the loss of the celosia, I discovered a world rich in color and texture. Lamb quarter produces clusters of intricate green seeds, the annoying red vines provide stunning white berries, one set of grass blossoms burgundy fireworks, another looks like fiberoptics. I harvested handfuls and hung them to dry. They all kept their color and shape.

I learned something. Mostly to be less rigid in my plans. This year, the grasses and weeds get their own plot. I really love filler plants and have doubled my plans. This includes both ones to secession plantings of old favorites and foraging in the hedgerows new finds.

Now to outsmart the woodchucks.

Safety First When Rototilling

Rob rototilling with the bee hat. Contact us with any questions.

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