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Do You Need More Flowers in Your Life?

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

The frost has come and we are cleaning up the gardens, planting fall bulbs and getting excited for next year! Thank you for our faithful customers who came back every week.

Along with the everyday bouquet available at the Utica train station market, we have some new options to enjoy flowers. For those markets we are offering a prepaid flower coupon where each of the six petals are redeemable for an everyday bouquet. The flowers are $50 each and are great gifts!

An example of the weekly subscription bouquet.

We are also offering a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription for 12 weeks of bouquets for $160. These will be bigger and lusher than the everyday and available for pickup at the markets or from the studio. All of the details are available on our website.

Also available are the event buckets so you may style your celebration just as you wish. Check here for more information.

As requested we will work out drop in hours at the studio each week. This is when you can pick up CSA bouquets or special requests.

We are ordering more of the favorite varieties and exploring some new blooms. Wishing you a very happy fall and winter in the meantime. Contact us for more information.

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