• Betsy Busche

Grow a Cutting Garden at Home

Our very popular basic class is back! If you love cut flowers and need some guidance in growing them in your own garden, this hour long seminar is for you.

Nationwide, there has been a big shift in floral trends. Brides, romantics, and home-decorators are opting for farm-fresh sunflowers, dahlias, and zinnias over imported roses and carnations. You can grow excellent cut flowers in your own home garden. We will discuss what makes a good cut flower then look at groups of possible plants for blooms June through September. We will look at perennials, annuals, bulbs, things to plant in the shade, herbs for fillers and more.

This hour mini-workshop will be taught by Betsy Busche, owner of Spongetta’s Garden in West Winfield, NY. She grows her flowers on multiple properties totaling just under an acre. She sells her bouquets through multiple outlets including a CSA, farmer’s market, retail stores, and directly from her home studio. She also offers arrangements and bulk flower buckets for events such as weddings and parties. Sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County.

Grow a Cutting Garden at Home will help you dream big, then plan for successful growing.


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