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Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Some tips to keep this from happening...

We grow varieties intentionally for the longest vase life. For most, that is 5-7 days. Some branching flowers like lilies and cosmos are individually short-lived, but then another blooms on the same stem. Others will last over a week with little effort. The goal is to get them to drink as much water as possible to keep them as healthy as possible.

To keep your flowers beautiful, follow theses basic rules.

  • Prepare a vase clean enough to drink from. If you catch yourself thinking or saying, "but had just... in it." that is the signal to clean it first.

  • Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line to prevent bacterial growth.

  • Use fresh, clean water.

  • Trim about an inch from the ends of the stems. Use sharp scissors or a knife so you don't crush the stem.

  • Use a floral preservative. The flower packet we include with each bouquet or bunch is made from a. disinfectant, a sugar, and an acid. They keep the water clean and feed the flowers. You can also use a splash of bleach and a half teaspoon of sugar per quart of water.

  • Place your flowers in a protected area away from direct sunlight and drafts.

  • Change the water daily and recut the stems as possible. At the very least, pull out any debris in the water. If it is an arrangement that cannot be removed, tip the vessel into the sink to drain off as much liquid as possible, then use your pasta pot filler or spray to flush out the remaining liquid. Top with fresh water and preservative. A funnel is helpful to fill.

  • Pull out stems as they die off to keep the bouquet looking fresh.

An example, this one tulip came out of the water yesterday for a few hours. I caught it, trimmed it and returned it to the bunch. Twelve hours later, the quality of the petals degraded this quickly.

Enjoy your flowers! Contact us with any questions.

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