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Planning a Summer Cutting Garden Workshop

My creative journey started with encouragement from my mother and grandmother plus the skills I learned in the 4-H program as a child. I believe in education and sharing what I know with others who are as excited to grow. Mohawk Valley Community College is letting me teach a workshop this spring on Planning Your Summer Cutting Garden.

Join me to discuss what makes a good cut flowers, what will grow in our climate, how to keep them tall and straight, dealing with weeds, pests and disease, plus I will share a list of resources to find specific information on growing the cutting varieties. At the end we will whip out the graph paper and plot out your own garden. You will leave with a list of my top 10 plus a few others you may never have heard of.


Thank you to MVCC's Center for Corporate & Community Education for hosting this session. Register here and bring your questions about cut flowers!

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