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When in Doubt, Stuff Them

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

A dozen years ago, a colleague introduced me to the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalog. I always wanted to grow an asian eggplant. There were not as many pictures back then, but the eggplant section took up three pages and contained 40 varieties from every part of the world. I wanted to try them all. This lead me down of path of ethnic hot peppers, heirloom beefsteak tomatoes, and fingerling potatoes that eventually lead me to the world of cut flowers.

After years of making hundreds of purses and stockings, I had amassed many totes of scraps. One day I decided to make a stuffed pepper. I might have been hungry, but that experiment launched a whole new line.

Spongetta's Garden Stuffed Peppers

The peppers made wonder about making my beloved eggplant. I had such a range of fabrics I was able to make several varieties.

Then there were the beefsteak tomatoes ranging from Brandywine to hillbilly.

My favorite of all is a blue hubbard squash.

The flock of chickens at one of farms where I grow flowers inspired me to think of the fabrics in terms of heritage breeds.

I keep a basket of linen for the day I figure out how to make a good potato. Until then, the carrots are pretty charming!

These are all available at the Spongetta's Garden Etsy shop and at any of our in person events. Contact us for more information.

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