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An Eventful Summer

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Spring weather is teasing us, but we are already full of big plans for the summer. Our neighborhood throws a pot luck barbecue where the men seriously try to outgrill each other. It is not to be missed. I strive to visit friends and relatives on the occasional day off. Rob and I really want to see Letchworth State Park. But our favorite thing is when people come to stay with us. We eat so well.

What are your big plans for the summer? Planning a special event such as a graduation party, bridal and baby shower, anniversary or family reunion? We can supply designed table arrangements or bulk flowers and vase rentals to do it yourself.

Simple arrangements start at $30 each not including the vase. We have several styles of vases available for rental.

Mixed buckets of fun include focal flowers, filler flowers and greenery, 40-60 stems each. Grower's choice buckets are $65. We also have buckets of just fillers and greenery for $50 each.

Color or flower specific buckets are $80. Here is an example of two buckets spread out into three actual buckets to protect the flowers. This dramatic theme included carmine zinnia and gomphrena along with velvet snapdragons and magenta celosia.

We offer seasonal bunches, 10 stems, of focal, accent and filler flowers plus greenery options. Bunches are perfect if you have a very specific aesthetic in mind, such as mainly using pink zinnias. Prices range $4 - $20 a bunch. Some flowers are available by the stem like sunflowers, lilies, and peonies.

One more peek at the first arrangement. The flowers here are the best of mid-July including larkspur, sweet peas, snapdragons, yarrow, drumstick allium, bachelor buttons, saponaria with mint and cress for filler. Our vase rentals include simple clear glass columns, canning jars, textured glass and a mismatched set of white pitchers and teapots.

Learn more about our event offerings here. A 30% deposit is required to secure date. Event pick ups are available Wednesday and Friday afternoons, 3:00-7:00 at our studio on Carrier Street in West Winfield.

Contact us for more information!

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