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Throw a "Make Your Own" party!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Need an excuse to get your girlfriends together? Or an activity for a birthday party? Leading a Girl Scout troop and want to teach some flower handling skills? Learn a new skill and have something beautiful enjoy after the party. There are several make your own options that are easy, fun and affordable.

From fresh or dried flowers, gather friends together to make floral crowns, hand tied bouquets, corsages and boutonnières for prom or homecoming. We offer individual or group kits with floral supplies, hydrated flowers, step by step directions and information on each variety included.

Floral crowns are perfect for little and big girls. Make these out of flowers that last a few days or from dried flowers for a lasting memento. Perfect for ages 8 and up as it teaches flower cutting and care skills and how to use floral tape.

Order buckets of flowers and learn how to make a hand tied bouquet in the classic spiral shape. Perfect for a girls' night and everyone gets to take one home!

Make a school dance even more memorable with your own corsages and boutonnières. We will provide supplies and flowers to add a little more fun to the evening. The are lots of options from wrist cuffs or many ways to pin them on.

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